Ruay – Play Lotto Online on Your Mobile Devices and Computers

Ruay is an online lottery application that allows users to play and win lottery games on their mobile devices and computers. This lottery application is compatible with many mobile platforms and is available in English, Spanish, and Filipino. It is easy to use and has a number of features.

The Ruay application is free to download. In RUAY , it has several features that can help increase players’ chances of winning. For example, it includes a chat feature that allows users to talk with other players and to send messages to other users. Users can also browse the news and watch the lottery results. Aside from that, they can also purchase and sell tickets. Players can also get tips to improve their odds of winning.

Players can also join the affiliate program offered by Ruay and earn commissions from referring new users. If a player is interested, he or she can apply by providing an e-mail address and a valid Facebook or Google+ account. Applicants will be given a free e-mail account, and he or she will also be able to participate in the games offered by the company.

Another great feature of the Ruay application is the Instant Win Game. Through the Instant Win Game, users can view their winnings anytime they want to. Moreover, they can participate in raffles. Additionally, they can browse through their ticket history and check their balance. RUAY can also see the winning combination and the jackpot total.

With the Ruay app, users can play lottery games whenever they want. Users can access their profile, view their winnings, and read the latest lottery news. Also, they can receive notifications on their social media accounts. Their profile can also be private, so that other users will not have access to it. Lastly, they can browse the official rules of the game.

While playing the Ruay game, players can also send and receive messages with other players. Other players can also share their experiences and information about the game. Moreover, users can read the tips of other players. By using the Ruay+ profile, they can even interact with other players from around the world.

Among the other features offered by the Ruay application are the following:

– Free Raffle Lotto. Users can purchase tickets on the site, and they can earn cash prizes. Moreover, they can enter raffles, sell ad space, and send bulk e-mails to targeted prospects. Those who wish to become affiliates can sign up by creating a profile and joining the affiliate program. Similarly, they can also promote the application.

Lastly, the Ruay app is an exciting and safe way to play lotto. With the free application, users can participate in the Instant Win Game, earn cash, and send messages to other players.

Ruay is a well-known lottery application in the Philippines and is widely used in other countries, as well. Because it is free, it is considered to be one of the most trusted lottery apps in the country.

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